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We hope your day is as smooth as your forehead.
Keep calm and get botox !

What is it?

Botox is an injectable neuro-modulator protein that helps to smoothen out dynamic lines (wrinkles), making the face appear relaxed & smooth, but natural. It is the gold- standard US-FDA approved treatment for treating wrinkle lines.

How does it work?

Botox injection blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle. When the muscle contracts, the wrinkles appear softer and the face looks relaxed.

Where is Botox given?

Botox is given as tiny pin-point injections for:

  • forhead lines

  • frown lines

  • crows feet

  • upturned chin

  • for jawline shaping

  • neck bands

  • open pores on cheeks

It is also used to treat excessive

sweating in the underarms.

What is the right age I can start getting Botox from?

After age 21, anyone can get Botox. Treatment is best started before the age when dynamic wrinkle lines of expression become static & deep.

What is the procedure to get Botox?

Dr. Anjali will first assess your facial lines of expression and other concerns & recommend Botox if it is appropriate for you.

A numbing cream is applied on the area for 45 minutes, after which the tiny injections are given. The procedure takes 10 minutes or so. You can immediately get back to your activities after treatment.

How fast is the effect seen & how long does it last?

The smoothening of wrinkles is seen from 1 – 3 weeks after Botox & lasts from 3 to 6 months, depending on age, strength & use of your facial muscles of expression.

After 4-6 months you may consider a repeat of the procedure, according to your needs.

Is there a permanent treatment to prevent wrinkles?

No! Ageing is a continuous & gradual process. Treatment like Botox should ideally be considered before facial wrinkles become static (around the mid 40s) and should be repeated at intervals of around 6 months to continue its anti-aging smoothening effect on the facial muscles.

Other treatments like MNRF for skin tightening, fillers, and chemical peels (yellow peel) can be combined with Botox for an overall better response in people considering anti-aging treatments.

Is it safe?

Botox is a completely safe treatment when performed by a qualified skin specialist (M.D.)

It is the gold-standard US-FDA treatment approved for anti-ageing.

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