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Laboratory services

Blood Sample

Our lab services are headed by Mr. Rajeev Sharma, who has three decades of experience in clinical lab testing.

We are equipped with modern auto - analyzers and offer a wide range of tests at 

a very affordable cost; some of which are :

  •  Complete hemogram (hemoglobin, TLC, DLC, Platelet counts and other detailed parameters)

  •  Liver function tests ( SGOT, SGPT, Bilirubin, ALP, GGT, PT/INR etc )

  •  Na+, K+, Ca++ etc 

  •  Viral markers

  •  Lipid profile (Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triacylglycerol (TGL) )

  •  Thyroid function tests (T3, T4, TSH)

  • RA factor

blood tests

urine tests

  •  Urine routine and microscopy

  • Urine culture and antibiotic susceptibility

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