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Laser hair removal

We have the world’s best FDA- approved Diode laser system for painless and permanent hair removal within a few sittings.

Upper lip, chin, sidelocks, underarms, arm and leg hair, or bikini line are areas that respond well.

Consult us to know more and fix your appointment to get rid of unwanted face or body hair for good.

Body Conscious

Which laser machine do we use?

The state-of-the-art US-FDA approved Diode laser machine is used at our clinic for painless and permanent hair reduction. It suits Indian skin types.


How does laser hair removal work?

Laser is a highly focused light beam of a fixed wavelength that targets & destroys a specific wavelength within the skin, without affecting any other structures. In the diode laser, the dark melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle is the target in the skin.


How many sessions are needed for permanent hair removal?

Around 6 – 8 sessions (one session per month) are best for a permanent and complete result. About 90-95% of the hair are removed, and few thin hair may remain.


Which parts can I get the laser done on?

  • lower face (upper lip, beard shaping, chin, side locks)

  • neck

  • underarms, back, chest, navel, arms & legs, bikini area


If there is a hormonal issue suspected (young women with thick chin hair etc), you may be recommended some basic blood tests or ultrasound to check your hormonal status, before or along-side laser treatment. 

It is important to get the hormonal issue controlled so that the laser treatment is successful and the hair removal is permanent.


Is laser hair removal suitable for me?

Both women & men can get laser hair removal done.


You should consider permanent laser hair reduction if:

- you are tired of waxing, threading, plucking or bleaching your facial or body hair every few weeks

- you get ingrowths & boils after waxing body hair, or dark underarms & skin rashes after waxing

- you want permanently smooth hairless skin!





How long does the procedure take & is there down-time?

The area is shaved in the clinic, a jelly is applied on the skin and the laser shots are fired, which is painless, as the laser tip is cooled. It takes 5 minutes for facial hair, & upto 20 - 30 minutes for full legs. There is zero down-time, you can go about your regular activities immediately after treatment.

Few hair may be seen after 1 week, which fall out, and hair that grows back will be thinner and less after each session.


Skin care after laser hair removal

  • Avoid soap on the area on the day of the laser treatment

  • Strict sun protection of the area

  • MOMATE cream to be applied twice daily on the area for 5 days and stop

  • Moisturize whenever the skin feels dry

  • Contact Dr. Anjali in case of any problem: Whatsapp no.: 9136580135

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