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Microneedling Radiofrequency (MNRF)

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What is MNRF?

It is a non- invasive technique that uses radio-frequency energy for building up new collagen in the skin. It is used for remodeling scars, improving fine lines on the face, & wrinkles that occur with aging.


How does it work?

Very tiny microneedles are used to deliver heat energy into the deeper layers of the skin, without affecting the skin surface.

These microneedles cause microtrauma in the dermis, that stimulates new collagen production in the skin, tightening it, improving scars and uneven skin surface.

The heat energy produced from the tips of the microneedles further stimulates new collagen production and healing of the skin.


How long does it take & is there down-time?

A numbing cream is applied on the face for 45 minutes before the procedure. The process is gentle, takes around 20 minutes. The skin is then soothed with ice. There is minimal down-time (around 1 day) as there is no injury to the skin surface.

Strict sun protection is essential, & other skin treatments & night creams must be avoided for 1 week before & after the procedure.


Treatment is customized according to the individuals skin type & concern (whether for scars or for full face rejuvenation).


Who will benefit with MNRF therapy?

  • acne scars

  • post- trauma or surgery scars

  • chickenpox scars, burn scars

  • stretch marks

  • For skin rejuvenation & tightening: The collagen in our skin reduces with age, & MNRF stimulates new collagen production in the skin. Thus, it is beneficial in those who want skin-tightening treatment, without down-time.

  • open pores


How soon will I see results after treatment?

Improvement is seen in the skin texture from 2 weeks. It takes atleast 6- 8 weeks for new collagen production and improvement to start in scars.

Acne scars require 6 to 8 treatment sessions (one session per month) for good results.

Skin rejuvenation requires atleast 3- 4 sessions (once session per month).

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