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Nova scans


Nova Scans is a registered trademark of Navpreet Hospital. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.


Dr. Aarti Singh


Dr. Aarti Singh is a well known figure in the field of radiodiagnosis in the region with an experience of over 30 years in ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis.

She has special expertise in hepato-biliary and urologic sonology.

A graduate from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, she has been an ace student since school.

  In contrast to other imaging modalities (CT, MRI etc), ultrasound is highly operator dependent and is greatly influenced by the experience of the radiologist. Heading the NOVA SCANS (radiology division) since decades, Dr. Aarti has acquired significant experience in the field.


  Ultrasound provides real time images and is a quick and relatively inexpensive imaging modality useful in the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions. To know more about our ultrasound services, click here.

Note : Ante natal and gynaecological ultrasound is not done at our centre.

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